A sworn affidavit by FBI Special Agent Albert Murray was in support of an arrest warrant for Yuriy Ryabinin, also known as Yurily Rakushchynets, a Brooklyn resident. According to the affidavit filed with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Rakushchynets is charged with intent to defraud. In his affidavit, Murray says Ryabinin is responsible for fraudulently withdrawing $750,000 in February from Citibank ATMs. Law enforcement officials, including the FBI and Secret Service, arrested Yuriy Rakushchynets and his wife, Olena, at their home March 5. While searching the house, law enforcement officials found $690,000 stuffed in garbage bags, shopping bags and boxes. They also found card encoding devices used to make fraudulent debit, ATM and gift cards. Rakushchynets' home computer was logged into a well-known "carding" forum, Ari Baranoff, a U.S. Secret Service agent assigned to the Electronic Crimes Task Force, said in an affidavit. At the time of her arrest, Olena said her husband and a co-conspirator, later identified as Ivan Biltse, also known as Ivan Belyayev, would leave the Rakushchynets' home with "bundles of credit cards in rubber bands and return with large sums of cash." According to an indictment of Yurily Rakushchynets, Ivan Biltse and a third person, Angelina Kitaeva, the fraud began in or about October 2007. Law enforcement officials charged the three with conspiracy to commit access device fraud and with intent to defraud using illegally made Citibank ATM cards. Cardtronics Inc., the world's largest independent sales organization, purchased 7-Eleven's 5,500 ATMs on July 20, 2007, for $135 million. The purchase included 2,000 Vcoms or multifunctional ATMs.

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