Still uncertain about EMV? You've got good company in MagTek's CEO and chairman, Annmarie "Mimi" Hart.

"EMV will implode and contactless one-time use payment tokens will explode," said Hart. "Merchants and consumers will demand payment methods that are better and safer than contact EMV which is clunky, time-consuming, and cannot stop fraud."

MagTek of course would prefer companies warm to its Cyberstripe technology, which uses elements of a magstripe card to securely identify that card, similar to a fingerprint. MagTek removes the personal account number from the card, securing both the chip and stripe with dynamic tokens generated on demand.

What makes the product interesting is Hart's sales savvy—deftly understanding that many merchants are still upset over the time and money spent migrating to chip card acceptance under pressure from the card networks, giving MagTek an eager audience for its message.   

MagTek still offers EMV card readers, but gives merchants more control over how they adopt chip card technology.

She sees career opportunities for women who can find solutions to these pain points.

"Security, speed, and ease of use are the hallmarks of a successful payment scheme," Hart said. "Become an expert in at least one of these areas. It's a commanding knowledge of your subject matter and the ability to share it with your contemporaries; that's what gets you ahead in this business."

MagTek operates in an industry that is still smarting over the Target breach and the seemingly endless merchant breaches that have followed over the past two years. The makes security a high demand product and a good foundation for a career, according to Hart, who has been in the payments and technology business for four decades.

Hart has been recognized by PaymentsSource as one of the Most Influential Women in Payments twice before. In 2014, she also advocated for women to seek a role in sales, which she described as the best way to learn about the industry from the bottom up.

"Sales is a remarkable opportunity in any industry, but particularly in payments," she said in 2014. "You don’t need a lot of experience, but you do need to 'sell' someone to take a chance on you. Sales also makes you very resilient, which is a trait that serves us well throughout life."

This article is part of PaymentsSource's 25 Most Influential Women in Payments feature. Follow these links to see a full list of all honorees or a slideshow of the featured executives.

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