Apple likely to use 'Pearl ID' facial recognition for payments

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Despite Apple's attempts to keep the next iPhone's features secret until it is formally announced, developers are unearthing more clues about the handset's support for payments.

One developer has found evidence that "Pearl ID," Apple's codename for facial recognition, will be used to authorize payments, The Verge reports. The new system will be able to store multiple faces and also be accessible to third party apps, according to the article.

The term "multi-biometric" has also come up recently, suggesting that Apple may turn to a multifactor authentication method, possibly based on adding facial recognition to its current Touch ID fingerprint scans.

It makes sense that Apple would move toward biometrics that are advanced beyond its current TouchID fingerprint scans to connect individuals to devices, particularly given rumors that Apple's next iPhone will move or remove the home button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner.

The payments industry has been dabbling with facial recognition tools more heavily the past few years, with Samsung, Mastercard, Android and UnionPay all having some form of it in a payments or security scheme.

Years before it became a security option in mobile commerce, the Federal Trade Commission urged the use of facial recognition in commerce.

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