7.16.18 Your morning briefing

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The information you need to start your day, from PaymentsSource and around the Web:

Apple's eviction ad
An Apple Pay ad, "just text them the money" features a landlord threatening eviction as the "magic word" (instead of please) to a tenant as part of what is being positioned as a humorous campaign, reports CultofMac.

The campaign is designed to sell Apple Pay's usage beyond small payments at quick service chains and retailers by using the Messages app to make the transaction conversational and in theory involve larger amounts or more complex interactions.

Rent is one of the lingering payment types that's still mostly check-based, making it a compelling target for payment technology companies.
On the Pulse
Aeon and Fujitsu will test a cardless payment system using Fujitsu's palm biometric authentication system.

The trial will start in September in Ministop stores and will be an early deployment for palm vein authentication. Aeon Credit Service has been considering alternatives for fast payment execution and authentication, according to a release.

When paying at a register, customers can pay with an AEON card by inputting their birthdate and then scanning the palm of their hand over the reader.

Bank P2P payments in Russia
Tinkoff and Sberbank are collaborating on a Zelle-style bank P2P mobile app.

The London Stock Exchange's news site reports consumers will use mobile phone numbers to send money to each other. Tinkoff already offers a consumer-direct P2P app, and adding the bank will expand the service.

The app will start in Moscow and expand to the rest of the country later this year.

Election hacking payments in Russia
Robert Mueller's new indictments in the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. details how hackers used cryptocurrency to fund their activities.

Mueller's indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking into Hillary Clinton's campaign email accounts alleges the Russians uses cryptocurrency to purchase servers and other equipment for breaches.

They also mined bitcoin to register dcleaks.com, where stolen emails were published. The Russians laundered about $95,000 through the use of bitcoin to avoid connections with financial institutions, which would have made their activities public, Mueller's team contends.

From the Web

Instant payment apps grow up. They're not just for millennials anymore
CNBC | Sat July 14, 2018 - Once the hybrid social-financial app of millennials, boomers and Gen X are starting to use P2P payment apps. Originally millennials used the apps to pay for mojitos ─ now it’s anything from utilities to rent to vacation costs.

This Website Imagines Bitcoin as a Bus Station and Offers Some Big Insights
Fortune | Sun July 15, 2018 - Even nearly a decade after its creation, Bitcoin’s basic technology can still be hard to understand. A new website that visualizes Bitcoin transactions as bus passengers offers some surprisingly compelling insights into how the cryptocurrency works—and it’s strangely enthralling to watch in action.

Thailand’s Central Bank is Reviewing Several Blockchain Applications Including Cross-Border Payments
CCN | Fri July 13, 2018 - The march towards the adoption of blockchain technology in Thailand’s mainstream financial sector seems unstoppable. In a speech delivered during the Bloomberg ASEAN Business Summit, the governor of the Bank of Thailand, Dr. Veerathai Santiprabhob, revealed that the central bank was undertaking a review of blockchain applications for purposes of document authentication, supply chain financing and cross-border payments.

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Payments of the Caribbean: How Carnival built on Disney's legacy
If it seems there's a little bit of Disney magic in Carnival Cruise Lines' Ocean Medallion, it's because the executive overseeing the Carnival project cut his teeth on the Disney Magic Band.

Technology necessitates change in the ISO 20022 messaging standard
As technology advances for business-to-business or cross-border transactions, the accompanying messaging standard must evolve at the same rapid pace.

Fintech's security gaps threaten its challenge to traditional payments
If fintechs can prove effective at overcoming fraud challenges as they scale their customer base, they’ll be able to better capitalize on their unique position of operating independent of legacy platforms as they create a more financially connected consumer experience, writes Dave Excell, founder and CTO of Featurespace.

5 ways Amazon Prime Day disrupts how people pay
The Prime Day event is also a chance for Amazon to showcase a new range of devices and payment options — and to sell those devices at a discount to get them into more people's homes.

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