Bitcoin Hyper enters Latin American partnership to expand crypto acceptance

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Bitcoin Hyper is working with a Latin American payment processor to bring acceptance of its high-speed cryptocurrency to multi-channel payment terminals and mobile apps in the U.S. and Latin America.

Sliema, Malta-based Bitcoin Hyper will integrate with those terminals through Affinitas Medios de Pago, a non-bank affiliated processor offering the Affipay platform; and Global Oculus, a blockchain gateway providing connectivity to merchants.

The arrangement is designed to natively integrate Bitcoin Hyper into existing merchant networks and expand POS multi-channel and mobile payment app acceptance at millions of merchant sites.

"This partnership between Affinitas and Bitcoin Hyper expands our presence in Mexico and Latin America, providing our clients with 21stcentury solutions," Alfonso Peinado, president of Affinitas, said in a Tuesday press release. "The world is moving really fast and this venture allows us to further expand the value-added services we provide through the Affipay platform to clients of all sizes."

Bitcoin Hyper says its decentralized cryptocurrency community is focused on improving transaction speed and reducing costs of crypto transactions. The company has 48 million bitcoins in circulation and integrates into debit and credit card platforms, completing transactions within the time parameters required by payment terminals.

Last week, Bitcoin Hyper revealed it was launching its service through, again touting bitcoin transactions in seconds, as opposed to a more typical crypto currency transfer time of 10 minutes or longer.

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