BitPay Introduces New Bitcoin Acceptance Features

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New features from the merchant services provider BitPay aim to simplify the process of making Bitcoin payments to merchants.

BitPay now allows users to click directly on a payment link or scan a QR code to make a purchase, according to a Feb. 20 press release. Users then receive a prompt to approve or cancel the payment. These features let customers avoid the old process of copying the payment address and amount into their Bitcoin wallets, according to the release.

BitPay is also introducing other new features. It now provides a refund address for customers who wish to return their purchases. It also supports digital signatures on payment requests, providing assurance that users are sending money to the correct recipient.

The number of Bitcoin transactions processed by BitPay has doubled in recent months, according to the company’s co-founder and chief executive Anthony Gallippi. Other tech vendors such as Revel Systems and New West Technologies have also added Bitcoin support features to keep up with the virtual currency’s increasing popularity.

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