BJC Healthcare turns to Patientco to ease medical bill pay fatigue

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Payment technology provider Patientco has agreed to provide billing communication and payment tools to nonprofit health care organization network BJC Healthcare.

Citing its most recent research that found four of five patients are frustrated about their medical bills and blame hospitals and insurers, Atlanta-based Patientco says BJC Healthcare wants to offer an easier, more comprehensive payment process through Patientco's single billing process.

The single statement outlines an entire patient balance, reducing multiple bills associated with individual visits. Patients can opt to receive digital billing through e-mail or text and make payments through a preferred device at any time, regardless of business hours.

BJC, which serves hospitals in Missouri and Illinois, says it will also support online, self-service enrollment into flexible payment options or payment plans.

“Patients are responsible for a greater portion of their health care expenses today compared to 10 years ago, which means health systems must adapt their patient payment strategies,” Bird Blitch, CEO of Patientco, said in a Tuesday press release.

The features are designed to help patients understand, manage and pay their medical bills. Patientco technology integrates with the health information system at BJC as well as its revenue management department, which will also have cloud-based access to other Patientco services.

Those services include a digital mailroom for handling automated checks and correspondence, interactive chats for patient inquiries, staff payment processing, real-time payment reporting, user audit reporting and historical performance reporting.

“We understand that medical financial burdens can cause added stress for patients,” Cole Elmer, BJC vice president of revenue management, said in the release.

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