Bluefin adds P2PE management to its menu

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Bluefin Payment Systems is rolling out a service to simplify compliance tasks for merchants that have adopted point-to-point encryption (P2PE) services to protect card data at every stage of the transaction.

P2PE Manager, which Bluefin first developed for its own customers, is now available as a standalone service for the growing number of processors that offer P2PE services validated by the Payment Card Industry security standards council, Bluefin announced on Tuesday.

The move marks a turning point for Bluefin, which got a slow start as one of very few North American providers of P2PE services in 2014 at a time when merchants were overwhelmed with competing priorities, including upgrading terminals to EMV.

But the rising number of data breaches and malware attacks in the last few years drove more merchants to add P2PE. Now 90 payment industry providers use Bluefin's technology and 73 other companies offer their own complete P2PE solutions, according to Bluefin.

Ruston Miles, Bluefin’s chief strategy officer, says Bluefin's new service will be of interest to other processors selling P2PE that haven’t developed their own methods for helping merchants keep up with the P2PE-related task of tracking the life cycle of each payment device merchants use in their stores.

“Many of the processors now selling P2PE don’t have anything to help end users with the device-management side of things, and merchants can get frustrated with that,” Miles said.

Atlanta-based Bluefin is targeting large payment processors, payment gateways and independent resellers of P2PE services with the new service, Miles said.

“Adding standalone services related to P2PE was on our road map all along, because we knew that even though we were leading the industry in P2PE, there would eventually be other vastly larger companies marketing P2PE and we’d need to specialize,” he said.

Bluefin’s three key product areas are core P2PE technology, decryption services and P2PE Manager, which it sells bundled or a la carte, primarily to processors on behalf of merchants, according to Miles.

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