Chinese travelers go cashless in Finland in Alipay stunt

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A group of tourists visiting Finland from China recently concluded a completely cashless trip sponsored by Alipay, which is claiming Finland is the first country where Chinese visitors can manage and pay for all aspects of travel solely using its mobile wallet.

Eight Chinese tourists who participated signed up for the six-day experience via an online social media campaign sponsored by Alipay at the end of 2017, according to a Friday press release.

Alipay said its goal was to demonstrate how far acceptance of its mobile wallet has advanced in Finland since it was introduced there in December 2016. Tourists can use Alipay's app to book and pay for flights, dine, shop, manage local transportation and taxis and receive tax refunds upon departure at the airport.

Ant Financial Services Group, which operates Alipay, said the app will be available on all 1,250 Lähitaksi taxis in Helsinki and the city's surrounding towns when the Chinese Lunar New Year kicks off later this month.

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