Dentacoin debuts, bringing blockchain to dentistry

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A Netherlands-based startup called Dentacoin is setting up a blockchain-based system enabling patients to pay for dental care with its Ethereum-based tokens guaranteeing lifelong, fully covered dental care.

One dental clinic in Switzerland and another in London recently began accepting payments for dental services with Dentacoin tokens that link to a program supporting customer loyalty and reviews via a mobile app, Dentacoin said in a Friday press release. Since the launch of a pilot program this year, more than 6,000 consumers have participated by purchasing tokens or receiving dental services, the company said.

Consumers may apply to purchase Dentacoins directly from the company through its website, and in the future Dentacoin will enable users to earn tokens by using qualifying services and providing feedback, according to the announcement.

The concept relies on establishing a cooperative community of dentists and patients with transparency in services provided and received, Dentacoin said in the release.

For participating dentists, Dentacoin provides a stable patient base, which could reduce marketing costs, and customers can expect dentists to abide by a contract guaranteeing “no manipulations and low fees,” according to the release.

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