Dial Connection, a provider of call center productivity solutions for
the banking, collections, and mortgage industry, announced that
customers of its DPTS Enterprise Edition will have access to the
services of Payment Vision, a payment gateway powered by Autoscribe
     According to Autoscribe, Payment Vision is a payment gateway that
concentrates payments captured at various windows such as IVR, Internet
and call centers. The hub-and-spoke alignment allows for perfect and
continuous awareness of payments remitted at each payment window.
     Under the agreement, company officials noted PayAPI will be connected
to the DPTS enterprise software. The integrated solution will allow
users of DPTS to offer electronic payment options within their outbound
and inbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu.
     "Through our partnership, Dial Connection customers will be able to
present payment options within their phone system menu and automated
message campaigns. The integrated solution takes the next logical step
in inbound and outbound call management by offering self-service
payment options. The new solutions will play a significant role in
allowing Dial Connection customers to better grow and manage their
accounts," said Sean Fleming: Director of Payment Vision Gateway Svcs,
Autoscribe Corp.
     "Dial Connection is and always will be a client driven company. Our
Clients were asking for the integration with Autoscribe, so we
delivered. We are excited to be working with Autoscribe to provide our
customers the ability to accept both electronic payment transactions
through our IVR application. This type of functionality allows agencies
to accept payments 24/7 and in this very competitive market provide our
clients with the ability to differentiate themselves from their
competition," said David Sargent, Executive Vice President of Dial
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