Diebold Nixdorf wins deal to modernize Belgian ATMs

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A joint venture of Belgian banks and the national postal service has hired Diebold Nixdorf to manage ATMs and update the fleet to accommodate modern cash usage.

The JoFiCo joint venture was created last November by four Belgian banks — Argenta, AXA bank, Crelan and Vdk Bank — and the Belgian post office, bpost.

The Diebold Nixdorf agreement calls for the eventual replacement of older ATM units to be replaced by newer Diebold DN Series ATMs that will be a mix of cash out only and cash recycling units. It also calls for the upgrade of the remaining ATMs to Windows 10. Diebold claims that the DN Series of ATMs have the smallest footprint in the ATM industry.

Diebold Nixdorf will also manage JoFiCo’s entire installed network of approximately 1,560 ATMs in Belgium. The ATMs will run on a single software platform supplied by Diebold called DN Vynamic. Diebold will operate the fleet "as a service," upgrading hardware and software, replacing units and routing servicing.

"JoFiCo awarded the full span of services to our long-time partner Diebold Nixdorf because their approach allows us to continually evolve the consumer experience,” Elke Hendrix, president of JoFiCo, said in a press release.

The partners will retain brand identities while allowing the joint venture to optimize internal operations and minimize the total cost of ATM ownership, said Xavier Bianne, vice president of banking of Eurasia West at Diebold Nixdorf.

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