Disney World to Accept Apple Pay, Other Mobile Wallets This Week

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Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., will accept Apple Pay as a companion to its own contactless payment cards and wristbands.

Using the contactless payment infrastructure already in place for the theme parks' Key to the World cards and resort's MagicBands, Disney will begin accepting contactless Near Field Communication payments from Apple Pay, Google Wallet and contactless credit and debit cards on Dec. 24.

The Disney parks plan to first offer the new payment options at stores, quick-service restaurants, bars and ticket sales booths, while any locations that use portable payment terminals, such as table-service restaurants, will be added later.

Park visitors can identify payment locations that accept Apple Pay and contactless payments through the EMVCo symbol, which is a series of curved lines similar to a WiFi signal strength meter on other devices, Disney said in its MyMagic+ newsletter.

The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif., will add Apple Pay next year, Disney said.

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