dLocal adds merchant dashboard to boost data, ease currency handling

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E-commerce payments provider dLocal has added a merchant dashboard to provide a simpler display of transactional data and multi-currency management for cross-border payments.

The transactional data, which offers merchants a deeper view into shopper behavior, will cover 20 emerging markets and their currencies in a single dashboard view.

“Whether you run a successful international business, or are just beginning to expand to new countries, the value of having easy access to relevant data sets, especially when it comes to payments, cannot be overstated,” Rodrigo Sánchez Prandi, vice president of product at dLocal, said in a Tuesday press release. “We’re pleased to be bringing this new dashboard to our valued clients as we work alongside them to optimize their business outcomes and support their international growth goals.”

With the multi-currency management, dLocal says it provides a "Balance Currency" for each merchant account, which shows where a merchant can see all transactions and balances. Other data includes payment type, payin and payout balances, refunds and chargeback status.

New chargeback notifications and live chargeback status help reduce chargeback handling time, while faster dispute handling through the dashboard allows merchants to potentially win more chargeback disputes, dLocal said.

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