Ethiopian Airlines adds in-flight mobile payment options via CellPoint

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Ethiopian Airlines and CellPoint Mobile have partnered in providing its travelers with alternative payment technology.

The travel market in Africa reached 18 million in 2017 with Chinese tourists making up 11.6 million of that, according to a press release CellPoint Mobile put out Sunday evening. This new partnership will allow Ethiopian Airlines to offer payments methods over apps such as China’s AliPay or WeChat Pay.

A considerable portion of Africa’s population depends on mobile payments. CellPoint Mobile intends on providing the Airline with the Velocity payment solution, a merchant-side payment controlled platform designed for the travel industry.

"We have made significant investments in technology to create a seamless user experience within our branded app. CellPoint Mobile gives us the flexibility we've been searching for to add the payment methods we need, quickly and easily, and to advise us as we continuously improve the profitability of our growing digital channel," said Miretab Teklaye, digital director of Ethiopian Airlines.

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