FIME labs to offer EMV contactless software testing

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The EMVCo standards organization has accredited FIME's transaction security testing labs for the upgraded EMV contactless interface software.

Card, terminal, smartphone and wearables manufacturers can align EMVCo's updated EMV specification to assure their devices address the interoperability and communication needs of EMV acceptance and contactless payment form factors.

“Payment form factors are evolving and diversifying,” Stephanie El Rhomri, vice president of services at FIME, said in a Monday press release. “This is great for consumers but can present interoperability challenges, particularly for terminal manufacturers as they cannot afford for retailers to experience false declines in-store."

To continue driving adoption, products and services "must work seamlessly and these latest specifications bring the Level 1 specifications up to speed with innovation to reduce interoperability issues in the field,” El Rhomri added.

Vendors' migration to the new v3.0 contactless interface begins this month through FIME's gap analysis, tools and lab certification services. The lab testing will help manufacturers efficiently design, develop, deploy and validate their products.

FIME says the availability of leading testing tools from different providers brings flexibility its customers worldwide, supporting product development and debugging either in-house at the customer’s site or at FIME lab ahead of formal approval.

FIME’s experts also offer training and setup assistance on the tools to ensure consistency between in-house testing processes and formal approval conditions.

FIME, headquartered in Antony, France, has seven testing labs globally and local presence in 20 countries, including the U.S. and Canada.

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