Fingerprint Cards combines the eyes with the face for authentication

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Anticipating demand from internet of things and advanced smartphones, Fingerprint Cards AB has launched a new multi-biometric technology platform that combines iris screening with facial recognition.

Called Touchless 2.0, the platform features can be used independently or as part of a multi-modal biometric authentication process that works indoors or outdoors, in clear daylight or cloudy weather.

"Iris recognition is a proven way to securely authenticate a user and, by combining it with face recognition, our improved touchless portfolio now seamlessly balances trust with convenience, regardless of the form factor it's deployed in," said Pontus Jagemalm, chief technology officer at the Sweden-based Fingerprints, in a Wednesday press release.

The software authenticates facial and iris biometrics at a distance of just more than a foot and a half, and showed accuracy marks three times better than previous versions, Fingerprints noted.

In the past year, Fingerprints has accelerated its testing of biometric contactless cards in Europe and continued to benefit from its deal with Gemalto in shipping its billionth biometric sensor.

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