Garmin Pay gets a prepaid account from PFS

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E-money provider Prepaid Financial Services has partnered with Garmin International for its digital prepaid cards to operate in the U.K. on compatible Garmin Pay smartwatches.

The smartwatch represents London-based Prepaid Financial Services' first product featuring Garmin Pay. PFS has featured various mobile payment and wearables integrations for its prepaid card customers.

“We enjoyed partnering with Garmin to bring a lifestyle fintech offering to the PFS card program users across the U.K.," Valerie Moran, head of operations and client relations at PFS, said in a Wednesday press release. "This solution is truly the digital wallet you wear on your wrist with convenience at every turn to ensure great user experiences with each purchase made.”

In the same manner as other payments wearables, Garmin Pay enables users to leave both cash and smartphones at home and make contactless purchases through the smartwatch.

“For those that live a busy and active lifestyle, the ability to make purchases on the go is crucial to smartwatch users," Theo Axford, head of product, partnerships and portfolio at Garmin, said in the release. "We are therefore excited to partner with PFS and expand our partnerships with e-payment vendors.”

Earlier this year, Garmin entered an agreement with Discover to allow Discover card payments through Garmin Pay devices.

Garmin International is a unit of Switzerland-based Garmin Ltd. Its main subsidiaries are located in the U.S., Taiwan and the U.K.

PFS has prepaid programs active in 25 countries and the ability to transact in 23 currencies.

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