Glance Pay touts image recognition for mobile payments app

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Toronto-based Glance Technologies has introduced a new version of its Glance Pay mobile payments app that uses micro-location sensing technologies along with image recognition, an approach it says is easier for merchants to adopt than QR codes.

Glance Pay Anywhere enables consumers to initiate a payment via a mobile app at any participating merchant, according to a Tuesday press release. So far several restaurants in Canada are using Glance Pay’s service that bundles mobile payments with a loyalty and rewards program.

Toronto-based Fresh Restaurants, which has four outlets in Canada, is among several eateries to adopt Glance Pay since its launch in September 2016, and the company is using social media and local consumer contests to spread awareness.

Glance Technologies is the brainchild of Desmond Griffin, who in 2001 founded the Canadian mobile parking payment app PayByPhone that Volkswagen purchased last year for an undisclosed sum.

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