Google to Stop Supporting Plastic Google Wallet Card

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Google plans to end support for the physical Google Wallet Card, according to information included in the code of its latest Google Wallet app update. 

The plan, which was uncovered by the website Android Police, puts an end to Google’s experiment with the card, which began in 2013 when Google Wallet was used for point of sale purchases. That functionality split off last year to become Android Pay, with the Google Wallet app continuing as a person-to-person money movement tool.

In the code for its APK (which stands for Android application package, the installer file for apps on Android handsets), Google says that it will stop supporting the Wallet Card on June 30. Android Police notes though that the update does not include a year with the date, but said it was unlikely that Google would include information like this with more than a year before the end date.

The news does not affect the Google Wallet app or accounts. Once Google stops supporting the Wallet Card, cardholders can still use Google Wallet to send and receive funds if there’s a balance or cash out.

While Google does plan to take the card off life-support, it said that it will continue to allow people to activate cards or add money to them until May 1.

Google has yet to make any formal announcement about the card and has not deployed any messages to users of the app, leaving room for changes. 

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