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   2004 ATM 2003 ATM
  Network Switch Fee Switch Fee
  Star 3cents-8cents 3cents-9cents
  NYCE 3.5cents-9.5cents 3.5cents-12cents
  Pulse 4.5cents 4.5cents
  Exchange/Accel 3.5cents-7cents 3cents-12cents
  Co-op Network 3cents-4cents 3cents-4cents
  Shazam 2cents-8cents 2cents-8cents
  Jeanie 5cents 5cents
  NetWorks 4.5cents 4.5cents
  MoneyMaker 3cents-10cents 3cents-10cents
  TransFund N/A N/A
  National Networks
  Cirrus 4cents-8cents 4cents-8cents
  Plus 2.5cents-5cents 2.5cents-5cents
  Maestro 4cents-8cents NA
  Interlink NA NA
  AFFN 4.5cents-8cents 3cents-8cents
  (part 2 of 3)
   2004 POS 2003 POS
  Network Switch Fee Switch Fee
  Star 2cents-4.5cents/2cents-3.25cents 2cents-5.5cents/2cents-3.25cents
  NYCE 3.25cents-4cents/2.5cents-3.75cents 3.25cents-4cents/3.25cents-4cents
  Pulse 0/1cents-6cents 0/4cents
  Exchange/Accel 2.5cents/3cents 2.5cents/3cents
  Co-op Network N/A NA
  Shazam 2.5cents/2.5cents 2.5cents/2.5cents
  Jeanie 0/5cents 0/5cents
  NetWorks 0/4.5cents 0/4.5cents
  MoneyMaker N/A N/A
  TransFund N/A N/A
  National Networks
  Cirrus N/A N/A
  Plus N/A N/A
  Maestro 3cents/3cents 3cents/3cents
  Interlink 2.5cents/2.5cents 2.5cents/2.5cents
  AFFN 2cents/3cents 2.5cents/2.5cents
  (part 3 of 3)
   Membership Monthly/Annual
  Network Fee Fee
  Star 0 $500-$4,000 (annual)
  NYCE $1,500 $175
  Pulse $200 0
  Exchange/Accel 0 $60(monthly)
  Co-op Network $500 $3,000 (annual)(a)
  Shazam 0 $500-$2,500
  Jeanie None Based On Asset Size
  NetWorks (b) $150 (annual)
  MoneyMaker 0 0
  TransFund N/A N/A
  National Networks
  Cirrus 0-$25,000 $50-$500
  Plus $50-$12,500 $50-$500
  Maestro $500-$50,000 $500-$5,000 (annual)
  Interlink $50-$500 $50-$500
  AFFN $500 $500 (annual)
  Notes: ATM switch fees are paid by the card issuer. In the POS switch columns, the issuer pays the amount before the slash and the acquirer the amount after the slash. (a) Non-shareholders only. (b) $25 per $1 million in retained deposits.
  Source: ATM&Debit News

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