Ingo Money Partners with PayPal, Adds Instant Check-Splitting

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Users of Ingo Money now can cash a check and instantly send the funds to multiple accounts via a smartphone, including PayPal accounts.

The instant availability of the funds is the main feature of Ingo, but users were previously allowed to send funds to only one account instantly. The new features, which the Atlanta-based company announced Tuesday, enable its system to move funds in real time to multiple accounts, rather than having to wait for checks to clear before the funds are available.

“More than 138 million Americans struggle to make ends meet, and check deposit delays and reversals wreak havoc on their finances,” said Drew Edwards, chief executive of Ingo Money, in a press release. “The new features and funding options in the Ingo Money App make it even easier for them to unlock funds safely and quickly and meet their financial obligations without the fear of bounced checks.”

The app allows users to cash checks up to $5,000 and there is a fee for the immediate ability to send out the funds. The company partners with First Century Bank in Gainesville, Ga., to process, cash and fund the checks.

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