Jumper.ai launches social media integration for Amazon merchants

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Social media commerce platform provider Jumper.ai is helping Amazon merchants complete online transactions without the buyer being redirected to the Amazon online marketplace.

Singapore-based Jumper.ai allows merchants selling through Amazon Prime to activate direct sales through its social media, messaging and web platform. The goal is to make sales and accept payments at the time a consumer first shows interest in a product.

As a member of startup collaboration organization Unilever Foundry, Jumper.ai has been working closely with Unilever brands to launch its new Amazon integration that features Jumper.ai conversational bots as the gateway to the platform's point of sale.

Founded in 2017, Jumper.ai seeks to create a process that removes friction when the customer has an intent to purchase, plus driving insights and engagement for brands.

“Within the context of a vast and valuable social commerce space, we built Jumper.ai to address the missing piece: the actual commerce part," Yash Kotak, co-founder and CEO of Jumper.ai, said in a Thursday press release. "Our automated point-of-sale products have already helped thousands of independent retailers, influencers and major brands to not only make social media their storefront, but also their cash register."

Because of evolving mobile behaviors and growing concerns over data privacy, social media users continue to transfer the majority of their engagement to messaging apps, Kotak added. "This opens the opportunity for brands and retailers to engage with, and sell to, customers on messaging platforms in a way that is seamless, organic and private.”

Amazon merchants can integrate Jumper.ai’s backend engine with their Amazon dashboard to manage and protect payment credentials and design all facets of the point-of-sale system.

The conversational Jumper.ai bots are activated when a customer shows intent, which is measured through the use of a dedicated hashtag, direct messages to a business page, clicks on ads and boosted posts, or through Jumper.ai’s offline-to-online capabilities.

“Jumper.ai was able to provide a customized and personalized solution to engage with our fans in a really fun way," Michelle Foo, brand manager at Unilever, said in the release. "At the same time, they were able to provide meaningful insights to allow us to know who our consumers are and help shape future campaigns.”

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