Jusp is adapting its business model to target larger clients for mobile payments. It added a service called Payments List that attaches to a business's back end, and it also allows the mobile point of sale service to work with Windows PCs.

"The mobile point of sale market is not necessarily one only for micromerchants," says Stefano Calderano, CEO of Jusp. The corporate environment "is where we feel the real volume and real business of mobile point of sale will be in the future."

For the past several months, Jusp has been working on the software side of its product, allowing its app to work with Windows PCs. "When talking about retailers, Windows will still be for some time the dominant system," Calderano says.

In May, Jusp began offering its technology on Nokia's Windows-based Lumia smartphone.

Large corporations need deeper integration with more traditional applications, says Calderano.

The largest insurance company in Italy is signing on to use Jusp's mobile point of sale product. After a pilot, the global insurance company will offer Jusp to more than 3,000 agents in Italy. (Jusp would not name the client. Generali is the largest insurance company based in Italy, but not the largest in Europe.)

Jusp integrated its solution with the insurance company's Web application, which it uses to identify customer policies.

The Payments List service allows the company to update agents in the field with a list of customers who need to pay. Agents can accept these payments and update the back office.

This was a service specifically requested by the insurance company, Calderano says. This deep integration could also work well for logistics and delivery companies, he says.

The Italian company has also received PCI certification for its EMV compatible point of sale product, which Calderano says only four other players have acquired.

The company will start selling the product in Italy and roll out in Europe later this year and the U.S. after Jusp sees how the U.S. EMV migration is progressing in the fall of 2015, Calderano says. The company is also looking to expand into Asia and Africa.

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