Research has shown Sensormatic acousto-magnetic (AM) technology from
ADT offers retailers anti-theft alarm detection rates compared to radio
frequency (RF) technology, the company reported.
     In a release, ADT noted that the U.S.-based Loss Prevention Research
Council (LPRC) conducted a retailer-sanctioned study of theft
deterrence across 320 stores. In tests conducted to measure EAS
technology effectiveness, this real-world research found, on average,
AM technology detection rates were more than 1.5 times those of RF
technology, it was reported.
     The study's chief investigator Read Hayes, Ph.D. noted, "To be a
credible deterrent to shoplifting, electronic article surveillance
(EAS) systems must alarm. In addition, offenders must know the systems
     The high quality of Sensormatic AM technology is further supported by
lab studies conducted for ADT by the Institut fur Distributions und
Handelslogistik des VVL e.V., associated with the University of
Dortmund in Dortmund, Germany. In a controlled environment, researchers
took Sensormatic AM anti-theft labels through 15 reference points and
12 different positions, each three times. The AM technology showed
average detection rates of 98.5 percent in both horizontal and vertical
orientations, according to the study.
     In a third study, the University of Arkansas used Sensormatic AM
technology in its investigation of Radio Frequency Identification
(RFID) as a possible anti-theft technology. AM technologies performed
very well across a series of seven shoplifting scenarios, achieving a
100 percent detection rate in five of those scenarios.
     The recent release of preliminary results from The National Retail
Security Survey (NRSS) of shoplifting and retail loss showed the lowest
rate of loss in the survey's 17-year history. According to University
of Florida criminologist Richard Hollinger, Ph.D., who directed the
survey, this continues a six-year downward trend, thanks in part to the
long-term investment by retailers in anti-shoplifting and anti-theft
technologies and training.
     "The study shows there is good evidence that anti-theft technologies,
properly implemented, are having a positive effect on reducing crime in
the retail environment," Hollinger said.
     "Given Dr. Hollinger's conclusion as well as the retail market
leadership of Sensormatic AM technology as an anti-theft deterrent, we
believe our anti-theft solutions have been a major factor in helping
retailers reduce their losses and thereby boost their profits," said
Jeffrey Bean, vice president ADT retail sales and operations.
     "What's more," he added, "with data from top research sources
confirming Sensormatic's AM technology's outstanding performance for
retail theft prevention, our EAS solutions continue to prove a valuable
tool to combat theft."
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