LzLabs offers legacy system mainframe conversion to cloud

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Cloud-based mainframe provider LzLabs is expanding into the North American market, seeking to help banks, payment companies, insurance providers, telcos and government entities convert legacy mainframes to software-based platforms.

Switzerland-based LzLabs provides software and services through its Software Defined Mainframe to help companies move mainframe business applications and data to modern systems, citing an ability to save money as well as more easily adapt to new technologies in the future.

"We see expansion into the North American market as a pivotal moment not just our company, but for the many large enterprises and public sector organizations in the region for whom the current environment for their critical legacy applications presents a very real business risk," Mark Cresswell, CEO of LzLabs said in a Tuesday press release.

The recent surge in trying to process unemployment claims and payments because of COVID-19 caused many U.S. state government departments to seek help from programmers because legacy mainframe systems were failing to handle the load, the company noted.

"The skills available to support this workload are in critically short supply and competitors continue to gain ground using far more modern technologies," Cresswell added. "Companies in North America will now have the ability to choose a more appropriate combination of platforms upon which to run these applications and position themselves for the future."

LzLabs says it works closely with major cloud providers Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure and has global partnerships with Accenture, Cognizant, Capgemini, KPMG and Red Hat, among others.

LzLabs hopes to bring U.S. financial institutions and companies what its modern mainframe LzSDM has brought to European customers, including Swisscom, in the past year. Swisscom switched off its legacy mainframe and moved the entire mainframe application portfolio and data without changes to Linux systems in the cloud.

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