Mastercard adds student exams to Australian digital ID project; PayPal's AML battle in India

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Exam time

Mastercard is expanding its digital ID project in Australia to include university exams in an attempt to demonstrate the utility of interoperable authentication.

Students at Deakin University use Australia Post's digital ID app to access the university's exam portal, reports ZDNet. The card brand reports the linkup has already demonstrated it can share the necessary data to securely verify students and the exams.

Mastercard, Deakin and Australia's postal service have been collaborating on digital ID technology for about a year, combining information from mobile devices with stored data such as bank accounts or government ID. Their goal is to expand beyond the university to power advanced ID management in other countries.

No cash

Shanghai-based unattended retail technology firm Nayax has added WeChat Pay, Alipay and Thai app PromptPay for self-serve cashless transactions across Thailand.

Consumers scan a QR code on Nayax devices to pay at merchants such as vending machines, car washes, laundromats and arcades.

Many of these businesses already support Visa and Mastercard for contactless self-service payments, making Nayax's latest deal a way for the Chinese payment apps to counter the U.S. brands' presence in Thailand.

AML penalty

Regulators in India have fined PayPal about $130,000 for allegedly breaking anti-money laundering laws. It's the first time regulators have taken such an action against an online payment company, reports Yahoo.

The Indian government says PayPal would not register as a "reporting entity" to record all transactions, report suspicious payments and identify the beneficiaries of suspect payments.

PayPal told Yahoo it's reviewing the fine. PayPal contends it operates as a payment intermediary in India, and does not operate a payment system or financial institution, placing it outside regulation. U.S. payment systems are often at odds with India's regulators, including disputes with Visa and Mastercard over data storage and Google over UPI registration.

Token booth

Crypto investors Compound Finance and Robot Ventures II led a $6 million sale of Flexa Network's AMP Token, which has now raised $20 million since September.

The sale will fund a rebuild of Flexa's cryptocurrency payment platform, accordion to Coindesk. The platform connects merchants to Flexa's digital wallet, which supports cryptocurrency payments for a merchant network that includes Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble and Lowe's.

Flexa will also decentralize its wallet while building more software for its merchant clients.

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