Morning Brief 7.13.20: Mastercard extends True Name to Europe

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Geographic expansion

Mastercard is expanding its True Name cards to Europe, in an attempt to make it easier for members of the transgender and non-binary community to change the name on their cards.

The card brand introduced the cards in the U.S. in 2019, and started picking up issuer support late in the year. The cards enable users to choose their preferred name for the card without going through the cost and time of a legal process.

Mastercard reports 32% of consumers who show ID with a name or gender that does not match their presentation have reported harassment, service denial or attacks.

Quick move

Monzo is testing the U.K. faster payment rail to support an instant transfer service between banks and Monzo without requiring users to enter account details.

Users select their other bank and enter an amount, and Monzo connects the consumer to the other bank to approve the transfer.

Monzo got its start as a mobile payments company, and it has been adding more financial products over the past two years as it faces competition from other European fintechs such as Revolut and N26.

Leaky payments

The WikiLeaks Shop will accept the cryptocurrency Lightning to pay for the mostly souvenir and concession type items that fund its government document leak operation.

The shop already accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, reports Coindesk, adding WikiLeaks' store is an early adopter of Lightning for direct payments.

Lightning is designed to process transactions faster than bitcoin, potentially opening crypto to more users. But it's also still considered experimental, creating potential risk, according to Coindesk.

Pulling into the U.S.

London open banking platform Railsbank has launched in the U.S. offering a "card as a service" that's designed for other fintechs.

The startups use Railsbank to launch payment cards and manage other financial services. Railsbank's first U.S. client is Unifi Money, a challenger bank that targets high-earning professionals, reports Finextra.

Visa has invested in Railsbank, and the two firms have a partnership to help Railsbank expand into new markets.

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