Morning Brief 7.29.20: Mastercard, Microsoft extend tech partnership

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M&M labs

Mastercard and Microsoft are expanding their collaboration to accelerate work on cloud research at Mastercard Labs and combine Azure and artificial intelligence.

The two firms plan to develop and test augmented and virtual reality and the internet of things to create new user experiences for consumers, companies and governments, reports Indiatvnews. The firms will work with startups with a focus on financial inclusion.

Mastercard and Microsoft have co-developed technology in several areas, including digital identity, business payments and anti-hacking strategies.

Compare and contrast

Shortly after picking up a fresh $80 million from VC investors, Revolut has added Moneysupermarket's white-label technology as part of a price comparison service.

Customers will be able to compare recurring bills from a range of suppliers, make changes and access incentives through Revolut's app.

Revolut recently entered a partnership with Amex to improve its ability to link to third-party technology firms through open banking.

Free food?

Two Chick-fil-A franchises are offering food in exchange for coins. While that sounds like the most mundane thing ever, the stores are linking it to a coin shortage.

The franchises, in Huntsville, Ala., and Lynchburg, Va., are accepting $10 worth of rolled coins in exchange for a $10 bill and a card for a free sandwich, reports CNBC, adding the stores were in danger of running out of coins.

Coronavirus workarounds, including closed stores and a rush to digital commerce, has slowed the flow of coins over the past few months, creating sporadic shortages.

New exec

Former PayPal finance director Scott Weller has joined Curve as its first chief financial officer.

Curve has tweaked its all-in-one card model over the past year, launching a metal card without account numbers and branching into international funds transfers.

It also added support for all three major mobile wallets in the past year to increase its merchant reach and to boost the mobile payment app's ability to reach markets with low bank support.

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