MasterCard Inc. on Nov. 2 reported strong third quarter international purchase and transaction volume as the card brand continues its international push with the global expansion of its debit, credit and prepaid cards.

The company also is looking to new technologies and is targeting affluent customers and mainstream consumers in emerging economies to continue to drive company growth (see story).

And because of MasterCard’s increased efforts to expand globally, “the company’s volume growth outside the U.S. outpaced growth in the U.S.,” Ajay Banga, MasterCard president and CEO, told analysts during an earnings conference call. “The Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions both had double-digit growth, driven by strong domestic and cross border volumes.”

In the Asia-Pacific region, “we made a strategic investment in India-based card services to help accelerate the success of MasterCard’s processing businesses in Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa,” Banga says.

In September, MasterCard announced that India-based ICICI Merchant Services Pvt. Ltd.’s Internet-payment gateway soon will begin enabling India’s online merchants to accept Maestro PIN-debit cards (see story). The company that month also announced an agreement to enter into a payments business-development deal with China UnionPay (see story).

MasterCard during the quarter also worked to expand its global e-commerce presence, purchasing London-based payments-technology developer DataCash Group PLC for $520 million (see story).

Worldwide outside the U.S., credit and charge card purchase volume totaled 3.28 billion during the quarter ended Sept. 30, up 10.8% from 2.96 billion during the same period last year. Sales on the cards totaled $267 billion, up 10.8% from $241 billion.

Debit card purchase volume outside the U.S. totaled 843 million, up 33.4% from 632 million. Sales on the cards totaled $46 billion, up 24.3% from $37 billion.

Regionally, total purchase volume in Europe was $154 billion, up 6.2% from $145 billion. Cardholders in the region initiated 2 billion purchases, up 11.1% from 1.8 billion during the same time last year.

Purchase volume in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa region totaled $104 billion, up 20.9% from $86 billion. Cardholders in the region initiated 1.2 billion purchases, up 9.1% from 1.1 billion.

Purchase volume in Latin America increased 23.1%, to $32 billion from $26 billion, while purchase transactions in the region totaled 566 million, up 20.7% from 469 million.

Total purchase volume in Canada was $24 billion, up 9.1% from $22 billion last year. Cardholders in Canada initiated 279 million purchases, up 6.1% from 263 million.

In the U.S., holders of MasterCard-branded cards initiated 1.5 billion credit and charge card purchases during the quarter, up 0.7% from 1.51 billion a year earlier. Sales on the cards totaled $122 billion, up 0.8% from $121 billion.

Debit MasterCard purchases, including activity from PIN-debit brands that also appear on the cards, totaled 2.01 billion, down 4.7% from 2.11 billion. Sales on the cards totaled $79 billion, down 2.5% from $81 billion.

As a company, MasterCard reported a 5% increase in revenue and a 15% rise in net income for the quarter (see story).

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