Mastercard to sell apparel through ‘smart’ windows, mirrors at pop-up shop

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Mastercard is setting up a temporary store with internet-connected windows and mirrors enabling consumers to explore and pay for fashion items with their smartphones.

The Next Big Thing Concept Shop opens next week in Manhattan in partnership with Hearst Communications’ monthly fashion magazine Marie Claire, showcasing interactive shopping tools of the future, Mastercard said in a press release.

The shop will feature “smart mirrors” from Oak Labs. These high-tech mirrors suggest additional accessories for consumers to model, and another mirror designed for skincare will recommend products, Mastercard said in the release.

Consumers who download the shop’s mobile app can use it to interact with windows and mirrors in the shop to learn about additional products not on display, and purchase them from anywhere within the store, including the fitting room mirrors, according to the release. Consumers also may use the shop’s interactive tools to book appointments with Neiman Marcus stylists and sign up for other in-store events.

“Today’s consumer is seeking a seamlessly integrated experience across both the digital and physical environment,” said Sherri Haymond, Mastercard’s executive vice president of digital partnerships, in a press release.

The pop-up shop will operate in the SoHo neighborhood between Sept. 23 and Oct. 12, showcasing merchandise and information in three lifestyle categories around work, entertainment and health, with additional merchandise provided by San Francisco-based retailer b8ta, Mastercard said.

“We’re excited to share what’s new and what’s next, while offering New Yorkers to experience the future of shopping with our partners at Mastercard,” said Nancy Berger, Marie Claire’s vice president and publisher.

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