12.3.18 Your morning briefing

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The information you need to start your day, from PaymentsSource and around the Web:

Cleared for landing
Mastercard has signed a deal to retain WestJet's rewards credit cards business. The card brand did not disclose the terms of the contract for the WestJet RBC Mastercard.

The Mastercard/WestJet deal closes a period of flux for Canadian airline loyalty programs, bringing more clarity to travelers as to which brand supports which marketing program.

Air Canada just agreed to purchase its old loyalty program, Aeroplan, after previously announcing it would form its own plan in several years. Air Canada also negotiated deals with its loyalty card bank issuers, CIBC and TD, as well as the card brand Visa.
On Target?
As Apple Pay's acceptance accelerates, the app has been gradually winning converts over the past year, particularly old Merchant Customer Exchange merchants such as CVS and 7-Eleven.

Another holdout and MCX veteran, Target, may be getting ready to accept Apple Pay, reports CultofMac. The site reports Apple Pay is available at a Target store in San Francisco, but did not reveal details on further availability.

Target has its own proprietary mobile payments app called Target Pay, but may be responding to the increasing overall popularity of Apple Pay, according to CultofMac.Target did not respond to a request for comment by deadline.

ICO penalty
The SEC has settled with boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and music producer Khaled Khaled, or DJ Khaled, for failing to disclose promotional payments for initial coin offerings.

Centra Tech paid Mayweather $100,000, while the boxer received $200,000 from Stox and Hubii Network. Centra Tech paid Khaled $50,000, reports Coindesk.

The non-disclosure gave the appearance of an unbiased view of the companies rather than a paid endorsement, the SEC claimed.

A look at bitcoin payments
Glance Technologies has launched a Pay with Bitcoin feature, which allows users to pair cryptocurrency wallets with an account to purchase Glance Dollars with Bitcoin.

Glance Dollars are credit that can be spend at merchants that support Glance Pay, which are largely restaurants in North America.

Glance Pay is Glance's core product, a mobile payments app that works with Visa, Mastercard and American Express and is designed as an alternative to "pay at table" or traditional in-store point of sale systems.

From the Web

LTA expands contactless payment trial to Nets, Visa
The Straits Times | Sat December 1, 2018 - By simply tapping their Visa or Nets card on the same machines that read ez-link cards, commuters can pay for train and bus rides from this month in an expansion of a pilot with Mastercard that began in March last year to allow for an account-based ticketing system (ABT). The charge for the public transport ride will show up in the credit or debit card bill, the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Nets and Visa said in a joint statement.

Japan grudgingly heads toward a cashless society
The Japan Times | Mon December 3, 2018 - Taking out a wallet loaded with cash, receipts and loyalty cards and searching for coins in front of a cashier is a familiar scene at stores in Japan. But the country wants more consumers to kick that habit and engage in cashless transactions using credit cards, debit cards and electronic money.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Companies Need Logging to Survive in the Future
TechBullion | Fri November 30, 2018 - Applied cryptography is here to stay, whether in the form of the best surviving cryptocurrencies, or as products relying on applied cryptography. But blockchain and cryptocurrency companies can help to be more stable and secure by implementing log management tools and processes.

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An invisible payment becomes a lot more visible when it’s compromised, making Marriott’s data breach a threat to one of the most important innovations in retail, which should scare everyone from Uber to Amazon.

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Banks are facing the potential of disruption by digital assistants from Apple, Amazon and Google — and are pouring money into machine learning to provide their own option for automating consumers' financial lives.

Data: The new causes of mobile payments fraud
As the concept of "smart cities" — urban settings undergoing a digital transformation through "internet of things" technology and connected platforms — evolves, so too will the concept of making a payment.

The holidays bring payment spikes … and friendly fraud
A boost in chargebacks can put a damper on higher transaction volumes and digital shopping, according to Chris Marchand, vice president of business development at Verifi.

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