MCX's CurrentC Pilot to Go Dark June 28

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Consumers enrolled in the CurrentC mobile wallet in Columbus, Ohio will be cut off after June 28 when the year-long pilot conducted by Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) ends.

"We hope you had a fantastic experience," MCX said in a notification that went out to CurrentC users this week.

MCX is a mobile payments venture backed by the biggest U.S. retailers, including Walmart and Target. The venture said in May that it was laying off 30 employees and postponing further development of the CurrentC wallet, but it was unclear exactly what the organization would do with assets.

Less than a year ago, MCX said it was committed to the project, viewing it as a long game to achieve results as payments slowly evolve to new, mobile platforms.

Last October, MCX said it would work with Chase Pay, a new mobile payment service JPMorgan Chase is developing.

CurrentC, which uses QR codes delivered through its app to conduct payments at the checkout point in stores, went live in 150 stores in the Columbus region, including Target, Wendy's, Exxon, CVS/pharmacy and Giant Eagle supermarkets.

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