MDPromptPay is offering a negotiation service that combines users' medical expenses to build negotiation leverage for healthcare payments.

The new negotiation option is called "Team Up." When a consumer engages MDPromptPay to negotiate a Team Up discount, that consumer's unpaid medial bills are bundled with other consumer's medical bills for the same provider. These bills are then negotiated together. Once a prompt payment discount amount has been reached, the full savings is passed along to all consumers within the bundle.

"Everyone knows there is strength in numbers," said Richard Profusek, president and CEO of MDPromptPay LLC, in a release. "While employing the technical efficiencies built into our system and using years of industry knowledge we can leverage the provider negotiation by placing more volume and higher dollars on the table."

In the event that a Team Up negotiation is not resolved promptly or adequately, MDPromptPay uses a cumulative approach to capture newly entered bills on a daily basis to increase the scale to negotiate lower payments.  

"Overtime, as more people Team Up and the amount owed to a particular provider increases, the providers will clearly see that this is a new and efficient way of doing business," Profusek said in the release.

MDPromptPay, a privately held medical expense negotiation company, is offering Team Up for an introductory rate of $9.99 for each bill negotiated. Consumers will continue to have the option to choose the one-on-one negotiation approach offered by With one-on-one negotiations, consumer's bills are not bundled and the negotiation takes place on an individual basis.  

Other companies offering healthcare payment savings include Simplee, which uses a personal financial management style system to simplify and automate medial payments.

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