Pub. Number US7401052
Appl. Data 10 20040505
Applicant Eastman Kodak Company
Inventor(s) Lyman, Dan C.
Title Method for validating warranty compliance and ink compatibility
Abstract A method for validating warranty compliance for
compatible fluid use of a printing system entails fluidly engaging a
replaceable fluid container with a print station. The container includes a
smart card adapted to track volumetric credits. Through use, the print station
requests that fluid be added to a reservoir from the container. The method
continues by ascertaining the presence of the smart card in the reader/writer
and reading the smart card to obtain information related to the fluid. The
print station operates per the information from the smart card. The method ends
by ascertaining the amount of fluid amount removed from the container and
writing the withdrawn amount to the smart card as a debit, thereby maintaining
printhead operation under warranty.

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