Pub. Number US7400906
Appl. Data 11 20050519
Applicant NEC Corporation
Inventor(s) Katayanagi, Takeshi
Title Mobile communication terminal
Abstract With a mobile communication terminal, normal call
is enabled by installing a predetermined IC card. When an IC card is installed
into the terminal, verification of an identifier of the IC card and
verification of personal information corresponding to the identifier are
performed. If the verifications have succeeded, the mobile communication
terminal is customized in accordance with the personal information. A user
performs communication by using his/her personal information and accessible
information in a storage unit. At the time of identifier authorization
operation, notification of whether or not the authorization operation has
succeeded and of the identifier is provided to a predetermined administrator.
When a certain mobile communication terminal is used by a plurality of users,
personal information of each user is protected, operability of the terminal is
improved, and the administrator can keep track of usage state of the

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