NCR brings IoT software to ATMs in Europe

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NCR Corp. says new ATM software it has placed in units at a European bank will "future proof" the machines and deliver more functions in an advancing contactless payment world.

The Duluth, Ga.-based ATM and technology provider is not able to disclose the name of the bank at this time, but plans to make the Microsoft's Windows 10 Internet of Things Enterprise Software available to other customers throughout Europe and other markets.

The move toward software that supports multi-channel experiences for consumers falls in line with NCR's recent focus on omnichannel technology in its research labs. Those initiatives have advanced the vendor's presence in digital banking as well.

“At NCR, we design intelligent and interactive experiences across all consumer touchpoints leveraging the proliferation of connected IoT devices, including ATMs,” Jose Resendiz, vice president of financial services at NCR, said in a press release.

The ATM software will allow customers to withdraw money by tapping a card or smartphone at the machine. It also enables interactions such as pinch, swipe or zoom; and will include upgraded security features.

"Microsoft and NCR have enjoyed a longstanding partnership and we’re excited to see them bring their new Windows 10 IoT powered ATMs to market," said Rodney Clark, vice president of device sales at Microsoft, in the release.

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