MasterCard Worldwide has targeted the Hispanic market for eight years, but this week the card brand launched its first marketing effort designed specifically for U.S. Hispanics. MasterCard's new "Priceless-"themed ad features the Mexican tradition of Lucha Libre wrestling and a revamp of the card brand's Spanish-speaking Web site, Chris Jogis, MasterCard vice president of U.S. brand development, tells CardLine. Previously, MasterCard would adapt international "Priceless" ads for the Hispanic market, Jogis sNew Mays. The new "Priceless" ad features a masked Luchador paying for spa services with his MasterCard. The tagline at the end of the ad encourages consumers to use MasterCard credit or debit cards. Adding debit to the tagline is a newer ad feature designed to promote debit card usage (CardLine, 1/14). Jogis says 75% of the Hispanic market prefers using cash, so MasterCard is working to explain the benefit of using either MasterCard credit or debit products to pay. The Luchador ad is running on Hispanic television stations in 11 U.S. markets with large Hispanic populations, including Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Miami. "We're tapping into the Luchador tradition, which is such a culturally relevant way to connect with the Hispanic market. And we're doing it in a much more integrated way–much more so than in the past–by also revamping the mastercardenespanol.com Web site," says Jogis. The new Web site has information on MasterCard products and services, including information on using cards to pay instead of cash and tips on building credit histories and managing finances. It also features video from Spanish-language channel Univision.

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