NexID Biometrics, an authentication technology provider in Potsdam, N.Y., has enhanced a fake-finger-detection solution for fingerprint-sensor systems.

The upgraded NexID software improves processing speed and efficiency for both mobile devices and embedded modules, the company said in a press release Sept. 16. It can be used for mobile devices with fingerprint sensors, including smartphones from Apple and Samsung, "that have been proven vulnerable to spoofing," according to the release. It can also work with fingerprint recognition and capture technology built into ATMs and point of sale terminals, to assess entry access, time and attendance.

NexID has redesigned the software so it can be integrated with embedded "match-on-chip" technology that uses matching and fake-finger-detection software within the same processor that controls the fingerprint image capture, enrollment and authentication operations, explained Mark Cornett chief operating officer of NexID, in the release.

As a result the newest version of the technology can execute analysis and spoof mitigation while running on embedded processors in computing devices such as traditional desktops, laptops, and even high-end mobile devices that are slower and have limited code space and data storage constraints, Cornett said. “We’re talking about going from processor clock speeds of gigahertz to megahertz, multi-core processors down to single-core, and from megabytes of memory down to kilobytes of memory."

To execute fake-finger-detection algorithms "in a resource-limited environment,” Cornett said, NexID created new techniques for image enhancement, feature extraction and statistical analysis. The upgrade enables the authentication of someone's identity even when the person is alone and unsupervised and therefore is "more capable of covertly spoofing the fingerprint sensor."

In addition, according to Cornett, depending on the device or application used, users can customize their application as NexID may be used alongside other authentication measures, including mobile device or ATM pins and passwords and does not require additional software space or hardware.

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