NEXT Biometrics, MK Group tap biometric smart card wave

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As payment stakeholders show an interest in using fingerprint technology to improve identity protection, the Norwegian company NEXT Biometrics and MK Group plan to collaborate on biometric smart cards for banking and other applications.

The R&D program will utilize NEXT’s fingerprint sensors for integration with MK Group’s next generation of smart card products. MK has selected NEXT’s One Touch Flex CT-150 sensor for use in upcoming trials to evaluate contact-based biometric smart cards. The sensor was chosen because it has a flexible, large area that is especially designed for biometric smart cards.

The R&D program is expected to begin in the near future. Meanwhile, NEXT, which is based in Oslo, reports that its technical and sales teams are currently working closely with MK Group, which is based in Vietnam, on the biometric card project.

There has been significant interest by the financial services industry in utilizing fingerprint biometrics on credit and debit cards in order to achieve the next level of cardholder authentication for in-store purchases.

Earlier this month Intesa Sanpaolo announced that it will be conducting a 16-week pilot of biometric contactless cards in Italy using a sensor from a Swedish company called Fingerprints AB. The Intesa biometric card will harvest energy from the POS terminal to power the EMV chip.

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