Paycosmos puts all of its ISO payment tools in a 'box'

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Terminal provider paycosmos has launched its "ISO in a Box" payment platform, saying the software provides everything an independent sales organization needs to support agents and acquire merchant contracts.

The ISO in a Box provides onboarding configurations for all payment types at the traditional POS terminal, and virtual terminals, while also offering automated registration and underwriting of merchants.

The platform is powered through Oxnard, Calif.-based linked2pay for paycosmos, which was the first ISO to adopt linked2pay's Instant Merchant Settlements program. Paycosmos is a registered ISO for Avidia Bank in Hudson, Maine.

"The best part of our paycosmos 'ISO in a Box' offering is that there is no project involved," linked2pay CEO Robert McShirley said in a Wednesday press release. "Yet, the solutions and controls we pass along are cutting edge, innovative and highly flexible."

The Instant Merchant Settlements software links a merchant's terminal to their bank account in the same manner as other credit card processing, except they get paid within seconds.

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