7.12.18 Your morning briefing

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The information you need to start your day, from PaymentsSource and around the Web:

It pays to have more currencies
WordPress has updated its CampTix plugin to make Stripe the automatic payment method for WordCamp tickets.

Stripe attracted WordPress because of its wide range of currencies, more than 130, to the few dozen offered by PayPal, according to WordPress — which said its ticketing service was harder to access in certain countries, requiring local bank accounts for processing.

It's not a total swap out, since Stripe was previously available as a beta plugin and WordPress will continue to offer a PayPal option as part of a diversification strategy.
Alipay picks up another travel channel
Alipay's business for Chinese travelers and temporary residents has grown so quickly that the wallet provider has not felt a need to aggressively pursue domestic markets, particularly in the U.S.

That strategy has gotten a new boost at travel company ARC will enable airlines to accept Alipay transactions for tickets sold through the agency, reports Travel Weekly.

ARC is collaborating with Universal Air Travel Plan to deploy Alipay with airlines and other third party travel providers affiliated with ARC.

Crypto browser
The Opera browser for Android devices plans to support cryptocurrency storage, a plan that could enable micropayments on the Web.

TechCrunch reports the system is will store crypto and ERC20 tokens in the browser, with the phone's biometrics or passcode providing security and could pave the way for similar functions in other browsers.

Users pay for orders through Coinbase Commerce, which processes the transaction and transmits cryptocurrency directly from the browser.

No contact in Norway
Handelsbanken is partnering with Norwegian bank-led payments scheme BankAxept and local IT company Evry to pilot a contactless card that can be placed inside a wristband, bracelet, watch strap or keyring.

The project is aimed at concessions and other smaller transactions that accompany exercise or other outdoor activity.

Finextra reports the card will link directly to bank accounts and will support payments of up to about $25. The scheme will run a test shortly before a full rollout this year.

From the Web

Macy's warns customers of online data breach
USA Today | Wed July 11, 2018 - Macy's is warning customers that the retailer discovered a cyber threat that targeted a small number of customer profiles for almost two months. According to a letter mailed to macys.com and bloomingdales.com customers this week, Macy's cyber threat alert tools detected suspicious login activities on June 11.

PayPal Threatened Legal Action Against a Customer for Dying—a 'Breach' of Its Rules
Fortune | Wed July 11, 2018 - Lindsay Durdle died on May 31, succumbing to cancer. But earlier this month, she received a letter from PayPal, saying her death was a breach of its rules—and the service was considering legal action against her. Durdle reportedly owed PayPal £3,240 ($4,299) when she died.

India proposes easing local data storage rules for foreign payment firms
South China Morning Post | Thu July 12, 2018 - India’s finance ministry has proposed relaxing a directive from the country’s central bank that would compel global payment firms to store customer data only locally, following weeks of intense lobbying by US companies and trade bodies. Easing the proposal would be a relief for firms including MasterCard, Visa and American Express, which fear India’s data onshoring move could cost them millions of dollars and set a precedent for other major governments to implement similar rules.

More from PaymentsSource

A cheap take on Amazon Go turns surveillance cameras into cashiers
Since Amazon Go's announcement, there has been a rush to duplicate the company's cashierless store concept without the same level of tech investment. The latest competitors are focused on the cameras that identify items as consumers take them off of the shelves.

Mainframes are a card data disaster waiting to happen
Even though much of PCI data is stored and maintained on mainframes, many are currently not being evaluated or scanned accurately for PCI DSS compliance, writes Ray Overby, co-founder and president of Key Resources.

Ex-Heartland CEO’s straight shooter rep takes a hit with SEC charges
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is putting its weight behind allegations of insider trading that Heartland Payment Systems has levied against its former CEO.

Data: Fraud after the Equifax crisis
Fallout from the Equifax breach is coming into clearer focus as more companies begin pinpointing its effects over the last several months.

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