PayPal pushes 'contextual commerce' through Messenger invoices

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PayPal is following up on its P-to-P Facebook Messenger service by adding a chat extension that supports invoicing as part of a broader conversation about a sale.

Sellers will be able to create and send an invoice within Messenger, attaching a price and image. The buyer can act on this invoice immediately, keeping the transaction within the Facebook Messenger conversation.

PayPal described use cases such as garage sales or other environments that can benefit from having a bill sent as part of a conversation about a purchase.

To use the invoicing extension, users open the extension tray, select PayPal and create the invoice with a few details, then send the invoice to the buyer. The buyer presses "Pay with PayPal" to complete the transaction via PayPal One Touch.

"With the explosion of mobile apps, new commerce opportunities have been created and consumers are looking to make purchases in-context without leaving those applications," wrote Shilpa Dhar, a director of product management at PayPal, in the company's announcement.

PayPal has been gradually adding functions available through Messenger, recently launching a P-to-P option through the Facebook program.

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