As Paytm diversifies, it beefs up security with facial biometrics

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Digital payments provider Paytm is bringing facial recognition security to its Android beta application.

The Face Login will enable users of the Paytm payment platform to log into the app simply by looking into their phones, a move designed to add a biometric layer to prevent phishing attacks.

The security addition follows the India-based Paytm mobile wallet's recent moves to expand its offerings with video and TV selections, all designed to keep users on the wallet app for more tasks.
"Our team is currently working on enhancing our proprietary algorithms to make it more intuitive for users," Deepak Abbot, senior vice president of Paytm, said in a Monday press release. "This will make accessing a Paytm account even simpler and faster, while preventing phishing attacks and offering instant access on the go."

The company has tested the feature with more than 10,000 distinct faces and says it has resulted in nearly 100 percent accuracy.

The Face Login technology maps more than 200 distinct parameters on the human face to achieve a high level of accuracy, the company said.

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