Plenti takes another big blow as Macy's is out

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Macy's is informing its customers that after May 3, 2018, it will no longer participate in Plenti, the struggling multimerchant loyalty program managed through American Express.

Macy's was part of the retailer coalition that initially launched Plenti two years ago, getting exclusivity in the department store category. The program allowed cardholders to earn points at a participating retailer location and redeem them at another.

Customers can continue to earn points on their Plenti cards at Macy's through March 15, the retailer said on the Macy's link of the Plenti program website. Points earned can still be used at participating retailers past Macy's participation closing date.
The announcement comes only a month after five other retailers dropped from Plenti. AT&T had dropped out of the program three months earlier as the first retailer to leave.

American Express has said it will continue to discuss the future of the program, which now has only Chili's restaurants, Exxon and Mobil gas stations, Rite-Aid pharmacy, Bi-Lo, Harvey's and Winn-Dixie grocery stores as participants.

The fate of the program did not come up as a topic during Amex's recent fourth-quarter earnings conference call.

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