RBC adds Siri to smooth execution for P-to-P transfers on iPhones

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Hoping to remove almost all touch-based input from mobile payments, RBC has launched money transfers with Siri, Apple's voice-activated digital assistant.

Consumers can use the feature to make payments via the Interac Network, Canada's national debit system. RBC is building off of its P-to-P transfer service for checking account clients that debuted last year.

To send money with RBC, consumers speak a command to Siri, which confirms the payee's name from the sender's payee list. The RBC Mobile app automatically debits the user's checking account and sends the payment, which is secured through Apple's TouchID.

"It's our goal to continue to be part of the everyday mobile experiences of our clients by adding more convenient and seamless ways to send money and bank with RBC," said Sean Amato-Gauci, executive vice-president of digital, payments and cards at RBC in a March 7 release.

RBC is looking at different ways to remove navigation and keying to execute payments and other banking transactions on mobile devices.

For example, RBC has used devices' built-in security for authentication, removing the need for passwords. The bank has also deployed virtual reality for marketing, and has even dabbled in using the consumer's pulse for biometric authentication via wearables.

In Siri, RBC is using technology also used by PayPal and German startup N26 to execute P-to-P transfers.

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