RentPaidOnline, Spindle Developing Mobile Rent Payments

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RentPaidOnline (RPO), an online payment service for property managers, and mobile commerce provider Spindle are partnering to develop a mobile version of RPO’s portal.

Spindle, which develops mobile commerce technology for financial services and other customer-facing merchants, will provide a customized mobile service that will manage rental payments.

Property managers are responsible for determining proper payment amounts for different properties, units and renters. Payments for a single unit are often split among multiple tenants at varying rates, or payments are sometimes made months in advance. Spindle uses data aggregation to manage these variables.

RPO’s technology includes a real-time online and mobile platform for electronic checks, credit cards and cash payments for the property management industry.

Rental payments are still primarily check-based, though some tech companies selling e-commerce products to property managers. RealPage sells a phone-based payments service, and Plastiq sells technology that allows consumers to use credit cards to pay rent, tuition, taxes and other purchases that typically aren’t made with cards. Plastiq charges a transaction fee to consumer, not merchants, and partners with card networks, universities and country clubs.

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