Secure Trading expands global reach with COMO pact

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Online payments and services provider Secure Trading will partner with payments marketplace COMO Global S.A. to make its gateway and acquiring services available to more providers and merchants worldwide.

In addition to providing more global presence, Secure Trading says the partnership will also allow it to offer automated reconciliation, invoicing and payment fulfilment. These services are designed to save merchants time and costs, reduce errors and remove risk, Secure Trading said.

COMO also enables Secure Trading to provide automated dynamic payment routing and payment splitting, useful for the pay-out of supply chain and cross-channel transactions.

“By combining our payment services with COMO’s global transaction management platform, we will be able to make strides into new marketplaces and add more value to our clients,” Laurent Dhaeyer, managing director at London-based Secure Trading, said in a Sept. 5 press release. “All merchants require a payment service, but many find the industry’s complexity off-putting. This partnership enables us to simplify the process," Dhaeyer added.

Using COMO’s technology, Secure Trading can create payment value chains for each transaction, automatically selecting the most effective payment provider for each individually. For merchants, this makes payments simpler, cheaper and more convenient for the customer, reducing cart abandonment and increasing transaction success rates.

All merchants, regardless of size, will deal with one point of contact for all of their payment requirements, and will be guaranteed access "to the most effective payment channel for each individual transaction," Dhaeyer said of the gateway's routing capabilities.

For COMO customers, the choice of payment gateways and acquirers will increase, with Secure Trading also providing COMO access to its data sets and collection capabilities. This drives the system’s decision-making, and is available as business insights for Secure Trading’s clients through online dashboards.

“We are committed to simplifying the payments market by creating a unified payments marketplace and it is only with the best partners on board that we are able to do this," Vaughan Owen, CEO at COMO, said in the release.

"We’re looking forward to a mutually reinforcing partnership where Secure Trading’s specialization and our breadth of partners can enable merchants to access a one-stop-shop for payment services and expertise,” Owen added.

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