ShopKeep Mulls PayPal Mobile-Wallet Results, Adds iPhone App

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As ShopKeep POS reviews the results of its recent mobile-wallet test with PayPal, it is rolling out a new iPhone app for merchants that use its tablet-based register system.

The PayPal test took place a New York film festival last weekend, allowing mobile-wallet users to pay by checking in at merchant locations with an app that transmits their photo to the merchant for authentication. The test didn't produce thousands of transactions as hoped, but it did generate hundreds, Jason Richelson, CEO and founder of ShopKeep POS, said in an interview.

"People loved it; cashiers loved it, and people who used it used it multiple times," he says. "We definitely had a lot of fun with it."

Richelson expects a slow rollout of the PayPal service across its merchant client base as the company adjusts its app to comply with changes PayPal made to its application programming interface.

"It's all up to PayPal," he says. "I really have no control over them."

The New York-based independent sales organization also is rolling out a new Dashboard iPhone app, which displays sales data for each iPad register and provides a summary report of previous day's sales and other key metrics. Merchants view payments as they occur and can use this information to assist in their business decisions.

"Having direct access to what is going on at one's store at any time helps owners to understand trends within their store," Richelson says.

ShopKeep POS is a cloud-based iPad POS system. The new Dashboard app also gives business owners the ability to track and monitor returns remotely as they occur, and to see the cost of goods sold and gross margins to track daily store earnings.

Some 2,500 merchants use ShopKeep POS's tablet-based system.

ShopKeep POS charges merchants $49 per month for its iPad register service, plus the discount rate the ISO or the merchant's own processor charges for card acceptance, Richelson, says.

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