Square centralizes its tech in a two-screen $1,000 register

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Square has integrated several pieces of hardware and software to sell a point of sale system that goes beyond its single-screen design, incorporating many of the company's moves to attract a wider range of merchants.

Called Square Register, the two-screen system allows shoppers to dip a payment card and verify details without requiring the merchant to flip its own screen around for that purpose, as has been standard for Squre's iPad-based register. The new system combines point of sale software, payments acceptance, inventory management, open tickets, employee management, a dashboard with business analytics and automate remote software updates.

It sells for $999, or $49 per month for two years. Ben & Jerry's is one of the initial users, deploying the Square register in a limited number of locations.

"This is the first time we're delivering a product that combines everything that we're known for in one place," said Jesse Dorogusker, head of hardware at Square, in a release.

Square has been ramping up its services rapidly as it seeks to become a full-service merchant gateway. It recently collaborated with SAP to embed accounting, project management, operations and human resources into Square's existing hardware. It has also applied for an industrial bank license, a move that could further its encroachment into traditional financial services.

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